CarT Therapy

Beaudin is now undergoing Car T Therapy at Children’s Hospital of Philladelphia (March 2021)

Read more about this new, exciting medical therapy and hear about Beaudin’s experience in the posts below.

CAR T Day +5: Fever watch

Fever update: Man, watching a fever rise/fall/hold is something I will NOT miss about this circus. Of all the stresses of cancer, the waiting for symptoms to progress is a real drain. It feels like an extended fight or flight

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CAR T Day +3: IVIG and waiting

Medical update: Last week, Beaudin received 4 days of high dose chemotherapy to kill off his healthy B-cells in order to make room for his new T-cells. He was tired, but not overly so. His appetite diminished, but really, I

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Daily Dose: March 25th, 2021

There feels like so much to write and yet nothing to say. I’ve tried to write this update a couple times and find myself all over the place. There is a lot happening on the schedule and even more emotionally.

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