CarT Therapy

Beaudin completed Car T Therapy at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in March 2021. Unfortunately the t-cells did not persist. Although he is “cancer free” with immeasurable cancer in all prognostics testing, because of the lack of persistence, the team felt more treatment was needed to ensure a forever remission.

In August 2021, Beaudin returned to Philadelphia for a Humanized Car T trial.

You can read about Car T therapy here and Humanized Car T therapy here.

Our updates from all of the Car T therapy can be found below.

HuCarT Boost- Pre-chemo

Here we are again, back in the city of brotherly love. To be honest, it always feels a little bit like coming home when we arrive in Philly. The body finding its ways inside of sustained trauma. It looks for

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HuCarT: Month three results.

It’s all clear. All good. All what we want. No leukemia in his spinal fluid. No leukemia in his bone marrow. No b-cells in either. No leukemia in the MRD (minimal residual disease). Next Gen Sequence is still outstanding but

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Seasonal Jammies & Month 2 Results

Thanks for indulging my creative side with my last post. Such different content than the cancer side of things, so different in fact that I felt immediate shame about creating and posting it. What business do I have being carefree

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Currently: October

Please enjoy this break in dreary cancer content while I review the most *basic* fall month on record. Praise be that I have almost nothing to report, except my out of proportion joy at the simple things we have been

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HuCarT Day +28 results

On Day 28, Beau had a bone marrow biopsy and a lumbar puncture. These tests yield 4 test results: 1.) Review of cells in spinal fluid. 2.) Review of cells in bone marrow. a. Reviewed by pathologist under a microscope.

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And so we begin again. HuCarT Day -7

Dear Beau, All your friend’s parents are posting first day of school pictures. I was thinking of taking a picture of you leaving this morning. I imagined having you hold a chalkboard sign that read “Back to Chemo.” Instead you

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Road Rage

To the guy who flipped me off merging on to the toll road this morning,  I’m sorry that I wasn’t paying close attention to the merging lanes. You’d think after driving this route, this many times, that I’d know the

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Survival rates and percentage math.

When your child is diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia you hear that it’s the “good” cancer in that it’s EFS (event free survival) is upwards of 94%. And that helps you find some footing in the sinking sand because in

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CAR T Day +5: Fever watch

Fever update: Man, watching a fever rise/fall/hold is something I will NOT miss about this circus. Of all the stresses of cancer, the waiting for symptoms to progress is a real drain. It feels like an extended fight or flight

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CAR T Day +3: IVIG and waiting

Medical update: Last week, Beaudin received 4 days of high dose chemotherapy to kill off his healthy B-cells in order to make room for his new T-cells. He was tired, but not overly so. His appetite diminished, but really, I

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Daily Dose: March 25th, 2021

There feels like so much to write and yet nothing to say. I’ve tried to write this update a couple times and find myself all over the place. There is a lot happening on the schedule and even more emotionally.

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