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Thanks for checking-in. I’m fine, we’re fine, everything’s fine! In truth, we are terrible, thanks for asking.

Ok, but seriously, if you want a deeper dive than that, feel free to check out the latest Daily Dose update!

I post here to keep friends, family, and new friends of the internet up-to-date on the minutia of our life with cancer.

Road Rage

To the guy who flipped me off merging on to the toll road this morning,  I’m sorry that I wasn’t paying close attention to the merging lanes. You’d think after driving this route, this many times, that I’d know the…

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Plans for Philly. HuCar T Day -33

We got our dates for Philly.  Yesterday I was driving, mind wandering, thinking, “Crazy to think that everything will turn on a dime when that call comes in.” And then two hours later, that call came in. Cells are in…

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A Quick Trip to Philly- Part Two

Read part one here. Check back for part three, four, five- I mean, who knows how long I’ll go. Less than 48-hours we were back in Denver and my mom was driving us home from the airport. I checked the…

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A Quick Trip to Philly-Part One

It’s been over two weeks since our trip to Philly. The cliff-hangar where I told you all that we were going to check and see if Beaudin’s cancer had returned and then went radio silent. We found out the results,…

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Vic Gulas and Gram

When I was in college I spent a lot to time doing the following: Partying, being hungover, and helping my grandma. I know, I know, one of these things is not like the others, but that was me. I partied…

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Bedtime Treatment Conversations

His room was already dark, which for 9:30pm on a summer night felt early. It had been a hard day, everyone had been crabby. The risk of waking him up overshadowed the fact I should leave well enough alone and…

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Humanized CAR-T and late summer in Philly.

Ok. It’s 6am and my search history so far has been around the topic of humanized mice protein and clinical trials in Seattle, Philadelphia, and anywhere in between. It’s going to be a lively Saturday to say the least. For…

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An end of the year “thank-you” note.

This spring I heard a great idea for end of the year teacher gifts. Instead of gifting a coffee gift card or candle, write a letter to the Superintendent and/or principal detailing your gratitude for the teacher. I thought this…

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Car T Day +58: B-cell Return.

Hi all, wanted to update, but haven’t had the words or energy to put in to a full post. But after a couple of texts about results I thought I would just post this real quick. Beaudin’s b-cells are returning.…

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A new nanny and a week of illness.

I have locked myself in my room. I have one million things to do and by “one million,” I mean to say that I have four things that I actually need to do, and 999,996 other things that feel like…

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Philly Magic Gardens

Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens (PMG) is an immersive mixed media art environment, a space that is completely covered with mosaics. It was created by artist Isaiah Zagar who used handmade tiles, bottles, bicycle wheels, mirror, and international folk art. He used…

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Survival rates and percentage math.

When your child is diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia you hear that it’s the “good” cancer in that it’s EFS (event free survival) is upwards of 94%. And that helps you find some footing in the sinking sand because in…

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Car T Day +24: Family Reunion

Beaudin’s ANC is 2000. He has not had an ANC this high since January of 2019. Any cancer parent reading this understands, 2000 ANC is *high*. We’ve been trained for the last two years to watch this number closely and…

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A List of Gratitude and a Loathe of Grub Hub

I just spent 128 minutes on the customer service chat feature of the Grub Hub app trying to figure out why Joshua can’t access my account from his phone. I wouldn’t consider myself a technological wizard by any means, but…

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CAR T Day +10: Meemaw visit and swap home.

Before this Philly circus started Joshua said he thought I would need to tap out at two weeks but could probably eek out three. I found this offensive because obviously I could do ABSOLUTELY anything I needed to forever because…

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CAR T Day +5: Fever watch

Fever update: Man, watching a fever rise/fall/hold is something I will NOT miss about this circus. Of all the stresses of cancer, the waiting for symptoms to progress is a real drain. It feels like an extended fight or flight…

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CAR T Day +3: IVIG and waiting

Medical update: Last week, Beaudin received 4 days of high dose chemotherapy to kill off his healthy B-cells in order to make room for his new T-cells. He was tired, but not overly so. His appetite diminished, but really, I…

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Daily Dose: March 25th, 2021

There feels like so much to write and yet nothing to say. I’ve tried to write this update a couple times and find myself all over the place. There is a lot happening on the schedule and even more emotionally.…

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Pray for Boulder.

I opened up my computer an hour ago to type up an update on things here and have been swimming since in updates on the mass shooting in Boulder, CO yesterday. It hits close. In 7th grade I started going…

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Snail mail & gift cards

We are gearing up for our time in Philadelphia. And are really excited to get this show on the road! Many of you have asked if you can send us a care package, or offer other support during our time…

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Daily Dose: March 16, 2021

In January the boys started attending a local public school. I keep meaning to write on that, update the masses about our pivot from homeschool to public school, but haven’t yet. So I will dive right in here to detail…

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Dear Beau, on the day of your last L.P.

Dear Beau, When you were diagnosed, one of my biggest worries, for us both, was your fear of needles. You had so much fear over them that even the most simple blood draw would require many adults holding your body…

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God willing. This is the end.

In January we celebrated Selah’s birthday at her Waldorf preschool. I was invited to watch the ceremony and as soon as I walked in and saw her, I was choked up. She was adorned with a crown and cape and…

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