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Thanks for checking-in. I’m fine, we’re fine, everything’s fine! In truth, we are terrible, thanks for asking.

Ok, but seriously, if you want a deeper dive than that, feel free to check out the latest Daily Dose update!

I post here to keep friends, family, and new friends of the internet up-to-date on the minutia of our life with cancer.

Daily Dose: March 25th, 2021

There feels like so much to write and yet nothing to say. I’ve tried to write this update a couple times and find myself all over the place. There is a lot happening on the schedule and even more emotionally.…

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Pray for Boulder.

I opened up my computer an hour ago to type up an update on things here and have been swimming since in updates on the mass shooting in Boulder, CO yesterday. It hits close. In 7th grade I started going…

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Snail mail & gift cards

We are gearing up for our time in Philadelphia. And are really excited to get this show on the road! Many of you have asked if you can send us a care package, or offer other support during our time…

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