I write about a lot of things, but more often than not it’s pediatric cancer and what it means to hold gratitude and lament in the same clenched fist.

This is the heavy wait. Together it feels lighter. I am glad you are here.

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HuCarT Boost- Pre-chemo

Here we are again, back in the city of brotherly love. To be honest, it always feels a little bit like coming home when we arrive in Philly. The body finding its ways inside of sustained trauma. It looks for…

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HuCarT Day+129: January in Philly

This week at Beaudin’s lab check, his b-cells were at 6%, up from 2.7% last week. So, we return to Philly. We boost. All January plans, flipped on their head. Doing something comes more freely to my spirit than waiting…

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HuCarT Day +119: 2.7% b-cell return

An update. Beau had clinic on Tuesday. Unfortunately, his labs showed a b-cell return of 2.7%. This may indicate his t-cells are fading, but it is not considered an “official return” until b-cells return at >3%. B-cells levels have been…

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HuCarT: Month three results.

It’s all clear. All good. All what we want. No leukemia in his spinal fluid. No leukemia in his bone marrow. No b-cells in either. No leukemia in the MRD (minimal residual disease). Next Gen Sequence is still outstanding but…

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