I write about a lot of things, but more often than not it’s pediatric cancer and what it means to hold gratitude and lament in the same clenched fist.

This is the heavy wait. Together it feels lighter. I am glad you are here.

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Bedtime Treatment Conversations

His room was already dark, which for 9:30pm on a summer night felt early. It had been a hard day, everyone had been crabby. The risk of waking him up overshadowed the fact I should leave well enough alone and…

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Humanized CAR-T and late summer in Philly.

Ok. It’s 6am and my search history so far has been around the topic of humanized mice protein and clinical trials in Seattle, Philadelphia, and anywhere in between. It’s going to be a lively Saturday to say the least. For…

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An end of the year “thank-you” note.

This spring I heard a great idea for end of the year teacher gifts. Instead of gifting a coffee gift card or candle, write a letter to the Superintendent and/or principal detailing your gratitude for the teacher. I thought this…

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